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Deliverd with:

  • Windscreen
  • Shockmount

e-creation of C12 capsule; transformerless output stage; four polar patterns; slight high-frequency emphasis above 4 kHz. AKG combined the best of classic and present-day technologies, the legendary C12 transducer capsule and advanced transformerless FET circuitry. Although it looks almost the same as the C414 B-ULS, the TL II differs in two respects. First, the transducer provides a similar sound as the popular C12. Its frequency response above 4 kHz is the same as that of the classic C12 with a slight high-frequency boost. Below 4 kHz, however, the C414 B-TL II has an absolutely flat response. The second difference is that the C414 B-TL II has a transformerless output stage for accurate reproduction down to the lowest frequencies. This version of the C414 is the preferred tool for miking up vocals and distant miking, e.g., of classical music. It provides the same preattenuation pads and bass cut filters as the C414 B-ULS, and comes complete with a windscreen, spider type suspension, and individual frequency response printout. The C414 B-TL II/ST is a matched pair of C414 B-TL IIs for stereo recording. The two microphones are carefully selected for identical frequency responses and sensitivities. Complete with individual frequency response printouts, accessories, H 50 stereo bar, and carrying case (Sound Tool Case, big size).

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