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Log Periodic Digitally Tuned antenna, designed to operate over the 470–700MHz tuning range.
A very selective low loss band-pass filter in the range of 470-700MHz
Use as an active or passive antenna
In passive mode, use as an receive or transmit with integrated band-pass filter
User adjustable input attenuator before the low noise RF amplifier, to protect against overload if needed
User adjustable booster gain after the low noise RF amplifier to compensate long antenna extension cable losses
Extremely high dynamic range RF amplifier

The LPDA-A-WB may be used in an Active or Passive Mode to suit individual
applications:Active Mode with fixed Bandwidth in the 470-700MHz range with user adjustable gain of 18dB
Passive Mode when there is no dc present the LPDA-A-WB can be used as a High Gain Passive antenna for receive or transmit applications with in-built filtering 470-700MHz, passive gain boasting 5dB.
The LPDA-A-WBhas a very low loss and a very selective Band-pass filter with fixed
bandwidth between 470-700MHz. The booster section uses a digitally adjustable
RF-Attenuator before the low noise RF Amplifier against RF overload and the
Booster Gain adjust is after the RF amplification, both digitally adjustable RFAttenuators
are independently user adjustable in 1dB steps. The RF Amplifier is
an extremely high dynamic range and Low Noise RF amplifier offering a linear
gain within the tuning range.

The LPDA-A-WB's unique design offers flexibility as well as additional front-end
protection against interfering dirty RF, the booster offers 18dB user adjustable
gain to compensate long antenna extension cable losses hence increased
distance between the transmitter and the receiver, LPDA-A-WB finds its
application in film making, documentaries, fixed installations as in studios, and
theatres. Compatible with any UHF wireless receiving systems (Digital or
Analogue) providing a directional coverage pattern.

The antennae are constructed using advanced multi-layer PCB designs technique
with copper-clad epoxy fiberglass to withstand heavy duty use in harsh
environments, providing long life and consistent performance under difficult
operating conditions. The booster box is a custom-design machined aluminum,
black anodized with water resistant O-ring mounting. Mounting is made easy with
integrated thread that directly mounts on to a tripod or with the supplied adaptor
it can be mount directly on to a microphone stand. Powering is through coaxial
cable power source of 10-18Vdc.

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