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Deliverd with:

  • Clamp

• Double ribbon microphone • Hypercardioid polar pattern • Warm and soft sound 

APPLICATIONS Due to the properties of the M 160, rough sound sources are reproduced softly and elegantly. A good bass response, warm mids and silky highs merge together into a special vintage sound. Those who are familiar with this microphone know: there is no alternative to the M 160. Known from popular recordings with guitar amplifiers and drums, the M 160 gives an excellent impression there. On drums, it stands out due to the complete recording of the entire set, as it captures even the deep drums very well. A special feature of the M 160 is its polar pattern. While most ribbon microphones have a figure-eight polar pattern, the M 160 impresses with its hypercardioid polar pattern and is therefore less susceptible to ambient noise, as it reduces noise by 25 dB at 110° and also picks up less sound fro

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